Monday, April 22, 2013

We are Attorneys and Counselors at Law

As attorneys we look at the problem, review options, then we give our clients advice on the right direction they should follow. It is much easier to act as an attorney than act as a "counselor". The later requires some emotional interest in the client. If you really want to help your client, take an emotional interest in him. Find out what is really going on in his life and maybe then you can start to help him. Yes it is more work, and yes we each have our own issues to deal with, but a little bit of caring goes along way. I recently told a drunk driving client of mine that he needs to set a better example for his son. I told the son, who also has a drunk driving charge that he needs to treat his dad with a bit more respect. They both agreed to be less selfish. It's a little step for them, but a step in the right direction. After all: "We are Attorneys and Counselors at law".