Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sexting Can Land You In Prison

Sexting is a combination of texting with sexually driven conversations. The widespread use of the internet and text enabled cell phones, has made this a popular trend amoung many teens. However law enforcement agencies are prosecuting teens for sexting at an alarming rate. The penalties are incredibly serious and the long term consequences of a conviction can prevent teens from going to college and getting a good job. No one wants their teen on a Sex Offender Registry. Sexting between teens often leads to the sharing of nude photos. While the sharing of the photos may have been consensual, most states consider nude photos of anyone under the age of 18 to be child pornography. A teen who begs his girlfriend for a nude picture can be charged with Accostiong a Minor for Immoral Purposes. Even worse, a teen who can not resist the temptation to share the photo with his best friends, can be charged with Distribution of Child Pornography. These cases usually come to the attention of authorities as a result of an upset teen who finds out that everyone in her school has seen the nude photo she thought she gave to her boyfriend "privately". More commonly it is a parent who finds disturbing text messages on their child's phone or computer, coupled with a disturbing image of their son or daughter. They want to protect the child's reputation, so they go to the authorities. It all goes downhill from there. Teenagers simply do not realize the potential dangers of sexting. Parents need to be more vigilant than ever, even if they feel uncomfortable about invading their child's privacy. They need to explain the dangers of sexting. If parents don't check up on their teens and set them straight, the police certainly will. For more information on sexting and computer crimes visit our website at

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