Saturday, December 8, 2012

Spice and K2: Not good gifts to give or receive.

Michigan banned the sales of Spice, K2 and all of it's chemical derivatives. The law was passed in record time as a reaction to the public's outcry that Spice and K2 was causing many teens who were using the substance to act violently. While there has never been solid proof linking violent behavior to the use of the so called synthetic marijuana, national and local headlines prompted legislators in Michigan to act now and ask questions later. The so called "synthetic marijuana" was widely sold in most gas stations, party stores and mini marts all over the country. Commonly referred to as Spice or K2, the substance was created by chemists who tried to duplicate the effect marijuana had on its users. The various compounds used in the creation of this drug were legal and the mixture of ingredients were constantly changing to keep one step ahead of the law. The law finally banned all forms of Spice, K2 and each one of their derivatives. The penalties for this once legal compound are very stiff. Possession of this controlled substance analogue is a two year felony under MCL 333.7403(2)(b)(ii). Delivery of this chemical compound is a seven year felony per MCL 333.7408a. Either charge can derail a young persons dreams of going to college or getting a good job. Since the drug is still legal in many other states including Ohio, teens are simply driving less than an hour across the Michigan border to purchase this substance. Despite the pretty little tins and packages Spice and K2 comes wrapped in, these items are NOT good to give or receive. Our job as attorneys is to let teens know that the chemical compounds science has created can be dangerous to their health and their careers. Questions or comments

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